Conrad Braun

Conrad Braun

Conrad Braun was born in Germany in 1835 and immigrated to the US in 1856 where he tried his hand at many different things throughout his life, mostly successfully.

He initially trained as a carpenter, later worked with marble, and spent his later years working as a vintner.

He had six children (total) with two of his three wives, and probably the most bizarre information I found about him was that after his first wife (with whom he had three children, one whom survived childhood) died In May 1864, he remarried very quickly, but his second wife died shortly thereafter in October 1864. He then remarried again in December of 1864!

His third wife, who had herself been a widow prior to their marriage, and all three children they had together all outlived him.

Conrad died in 1888 and is buried alone at the cemetery. It’s unclear where his first two wives are, though both died in Joliet as well. His third wife is buried at a Catholic cemetery elsewhere in Joliet.

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