The Bohns

Gustav Bohn (1827-1892) immigrated to the US at some point prior to 1854 when he married Julia Winterwerber (1830-1906) in Cuyahoga, Ohio. The couple later moved to Kentucky where in spite of having two young sons at home, Gustav enlisted and served in the 55th Kentucky Mounted Infantry (Union) as a 1st Lieutenant. By 1870, the family had moved to Indianapolis where Gustav was working as a furnisher. His 1880 census profession is listed as civil engineer.

I could find no will or probate information nor obituary for him but it’s clear that the family was doing well and were able to educate their sons well past the more usual 8th grade of the time period.

Eldest Armin (1855-1922) went on to become a very successful investment banker and Arthur (1861-1948) a celebrated architect who also introduced the European system of vocational education to Indianapolis when he returned from his studies overseas.

Arthur partnered in an architecture firm that designed many buildings in Indianapolis – several of which have been listed on the National Register of Historic places. His partners in the firm were Bernard Vonnegut and after his death, Kurt Vonnegut, Sr, Bernard’s son (and yes, father of author Kurt Vonnegut).

Armin and Arthur’s wives (Elizabeth [1863-1950] and Louise [1963-1947] respectively) are also buried here. Arthur and Louise’s only child, son Herbert (1900-1980), is also buried on the family lot. Herbert was a doctor (he never married). Armin and Elizabeth’s only child Armin Jr (1886-1975) took over his father’s investment firm and ran it until his retirement in 1958. He and his wife Louise (1884-1969) had no children and are entombed in the Crown Hill Mausoleum. With Herbert’s death in 1980, Gustav and Julia’s family line ended.

RIP Bohns

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