Philomena Scala Tamburino Lauletta


3 March 1879 – 6 February 1947

Tamburino MausoleumPhilomena and her first husband Vito were both born in Italy. On the 1920 census – the first one I can find for them – Vito lists his immigration year as 1899, but there isn’t a year listed for Philomena. From their ages, I presume they married in Italy and came to the US together, but that’s unclear. George, their son, is the only child living at home in 1920, but several years later in Philomena’s obituary, he isn’t mentioned.

A parallel Tamburino family also lived in Chicago at the same time and had a son George, which confuses the research considerably. I believe all the post-1920 info I found was for Other George. Still, it isn’t clear what happened to Philomena’s George.

Vito died in February of 1921 and this little mausoleum was established for him. There’s no helpful info on his probate record to indicate the value of his estate, but they must’ve had a little something as this was certainly a more expensive option than many others.

Vito TamburinoPhilomena remarried to Salvatore Lauletta sixteen months after Vito died, and she and her second husband appear on the 1940 census together. Salvatore was 7 years younger than his wife. They do not appear to have had children together, but Philomena would’ve been in her 40s when they married, so that isn’t surprising.

Philomena died in February 1947 and was entombed with Vito. A son (Michael) and married daughter (Marie) are the only children mentioned in her obituary, so with no “preceded in death” loved ones listed, the mystery of George remains. It’s possible George went by Michael later in life, but I can’t verify this either way.

Salvatore died just ten months after his wife and was entombed with her and her first husband. I believe that rates a “You go, girl,” to Philomena.

RIP Tamburino-Laulettas

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