Hinch Mausoleum

hinch mausoleum interior

The Hinch family was wealthy and well-connected, especially through matriarch Elizabeth Magee Hinch’s side of the family, but tragically, almost all of them died relatively young.

Elizabeth married William Hinch in 1888 and they had three children: sons Henry and Leslie and daughter Mabel. William died in 1899, leaving Elizabeth to raise the children on her own.

However, she lived next-door to her father and sisters, so it appears she had quite a bit of help. By 1910, her father had passed away and her sisters – all teachers and all unmarried – lived with her and the children.

Sadly, in 1915, oldest Henry died. Daughter Mabel became a teacher, & son Leslie became a dentist, eventually leading up the public health office for all of Chicago in that area.

By 1930, Mabel and her husband whom she had recently married, her mother, and her surviving aunts were all living with Leslie who was now listed as head of the house.

Sadly Mabel died early in 1935 apparently without having any children. Her husband eventually moved to Florida where he passed away many years later, and it’s unclear if he ever remarried.

Elizabeth herself died just a few months after Mabel, and Leslie passed away two years later without having married or having children.

Elizabeth’s family, the Magees, also has a Mausoleum elsewhere in the cemetery where her sisters are entombed with their parents. None ever married, and both these branches of the Hinch and Magee families seem to have come to an end with Leslie’s death.

RIP Hinches and Magees

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