Ruth Greenberg

Ruth Greenberg

7 March 1930 – 2 September 1937

Ruth GreenbergRuth was the oldest daughter of Henry (1898 – 1981) and Sadie (1904 – 1992) Wolfe Greenberg. She was born on the west side of Chicago, and sadly, she died there just seven and a half years later. She had an older brother named Leonard who died in infancy in early 1927 and is also buried at Waldheim. I didn’t see it or photograph it myself, but his headstone is on @findagrave and is a similar style. It also has a heartbreakingly sweet photo on it.

Father Henry was a milliner and later shop-keeper originally from Kiev, and mother Sadie was born in Nashville. Henry arrived in the US in 1912, presumably with his family (though I found no census or ship records to confirm) and signed up to fight in WWI for his new country in 1917. He and Sadie didn’t marry until about 1926.

When Ruth was born, her maternal Aunt Jeanette was also living with the family, and on the 1940 census, Aunt Jeanette was still living with the Greenbergs along with Ruth’s little siblings, Harriet (then 7) and the baby Howard.

Ruth’s parents moved to Skokie on the other side of Cook County at some point after 1956, and her mother was buried at Westlawn in Norridge, IL (presumably also her father, but I couldn’t verify his place of burial). Sadly her brother Howard died at only 40, and he is buried even farther away, up in Palatine, IL.

RIP Ruth

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