Carl and Henrietta Joerndt

Carl Joerndt
December 24, 1826 – August 11, 1902

Henrietta (Brunnengräber) Joerndt
March 17, 1832 – February 4, 1913

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Carl and Henrietta Joerndt were German immigrants who arrived in the US in 1867.

They were married in Schwerin in Germany in 1853 when both were in their 20s and their full names on their marriage certificate are amazing so I’m sharing them:

Wilhelm Carl Christoph Joerendt & Henriette Johanna Brunnengräber.

They had six children (all of whom appear to have survived to adulthood. One daughter, Hulda, was widowed quite young and ended up living as a tenant in a house just down the street from where I used to live so that was an interesting if sad connection).

Carl was a carpenter and as this headstone has aspects of the previously highlighted tree stump style (and would have been erected smack in the middle of that trend), the ivy and anchor seem more inline with spiritual attributes rather than referring to his profession. He might have been a member of the Woodmen of the World since he was a carpenter, but his headstone is quite a variant from the usual tree stumps so who knows!

We have two #gravesymbolbingo entries represented here, with the anchor symbolizing steadfastness in faith and the ivy symbolizing friendship, fidelity, and immortality.

The inscription on the center stone (which I think is marble but I am no stonemason so it could be quartz) is:

Carl Joerndt
Dec. 24, 1826
Aug. 11, 1902

His beloved wife
March 17, 1832
Feb. 4, 1913

RIP Joerndts

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