Samuel and Lucy Fallows

Samuel Fallows DD, LLD
1835 – 1922

Lucy Bethia (Huntington) Fallows
1840 – 1916

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This memorial is not a gravestone. Reverend Fallows and his wife are both interred in Massachusetts where she is from. This is a memorial stone erected after his death to honor his many accomplishments primarily in Wisconsin and Illinois. He lived most of his life here – one is unsure how or where he met his wife as the Wikipedia article leaves that out entirely — so a memorial here makes sense even if for some reason his cremated remains were interred far away from where he ever lived.

I have to suspect his membership in the Freemasons was an aid to his many accomplishments especially at that time.

The war referred to is the Civil War where he was initially a chaplain of the 32nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment under Colonel James Henry Howe, And later after resigning after a year of service due to health issues, he helped to raise volunteers for the 40th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment and was selected its lieutenant colonel. He then served in various capacities, ending the war as a colonel.

bishop fallows from wikimediaPresident Andrew Johnson nominated him for a brevet of Brigadier General after the war in honor of his service, and this promotion was approved later by the Senate.

There is quite a bit more information about Reverend / Brigadier Fallows on Wikipedia. I’ve just boiled down a bit of it here.

So RIP to Lucy! He married you and then ran off to war leaving you to probably deal with all of the children and all of the work. I mean good for him for serving a just cause, but also you deserved a little bit more information to be available about you rather than to just be listed as a wife as your accomplishment in life. You raised a bunch of kids, you kept things going so this man could go out and earn titles and accolades. Good for you Lucy. I see you. You made this all possible for him.

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