Edward & Anna Hanzelin

hanzelin headstoneBoth Edward and Anna were born in Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic) and came to the US before they married in 1890. They had seven children together, five surviving childhood.

In 1900, Edward worked as a molder; in 1910, he was a clerk; and in 1920, he owned his own grocery store and employed his two sons as bookkeeper and clerk.

After Anna’s death in 1923 and before 1930, Edward both remarried and the children all left home. He also seems to have retired, but his oldest son, Edward Jr, was working as a salesman for a wholesale grocer, though in part due to how the questions have shifted between the censuses, it’s unclear if it was his own business.

Edward died in 1935 and was interred beside his first wife, though he didn’t get a cameo. I wasn’t able to track his second wife at all except for her appearance on the 1930 census and his death record.

There are a few headstones in this style at Bohemian with the two trees creating an arch over a more traditional headstone. I only photographed this one but it’s a good example of type.

Anna seems to have been a little dubious of the photography process, but she has a very nice face.

RIP Hanzelins

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